Mr Swam a native of Kano, a husband and father of 2 children who happened to relocate to Jos in 2007 in search of greener pasture. I was privileged to spend 5 minutes with him to enable me to get this information.

On his arrival to Jos he helps his uncle in the shop where they sell provision of all kinds, but unfortunately for him the crises in Jos in early 2010 killed his uncle and their shops were burnt down to zero level. After his search for a job upon what happened in 2010 but couldn't secure any due to his qualification and skills, He decided to go into rock breaking business.

With proper introduction of the business by his friend James in late 2010, he has been cracking rocks to feed his family. He worked under the tutelage of James for about a year and in 2011 he met a new friend who they later became partner in doing business. While Mr Swam does the breaking of the rock, his partner helps in packing it into a used cement bags available. On a daily basis about 7 bags are sold, each bag is sold at the rate of 300 Naira (0.8351 US Dollar).